Sudbury-based rockers Fortunate Losers take no prisoners with their new single, Desire, released Oct. 28.

Sudbury-based rockers Fortunate Losers take no prisoners with their incendiary new single, Desire, released on Oct. 28. Drawing inspiration from 90’s bands including Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, Desire seizes upon the same spirit of angst and alienation while infusing irrefutable melodies with a modern edge.

The band credits Finger Eleven drummer Steve Molella, who produced the track, as the magic ingredient that brought the song to life. “[Vocalist-guitarist] Devon [Cox] had come up with the main guitar riff, and we built the song from there, but it was just lacking something until Steve entered the picture,” says guitarist Brad Giffen. “He heard the song and knew exactly what we were looking to get across. He tapped right into the mindset we had when we were writing the song. I like to think he helped bring a lot of attitude to the final product.”

Devon also notes that the experience of working with Molella was the best producer experience the group has had to date and that he really helped bring out the best in the band, whose sound is largely defined by the industrial, blue-collar grittiness of its hometown.

“Steve has worked with a bunch of bands over the course of his career and brought a lot of experience to the table. Right from the get-go, he told us he wasn’t interested in completely overhauling the song, he just wanted to help us knock it out of the park.”

Driven by a menacing guitar riff and backed by the punishing rhythm section of bassist Brent Boileau and drummer Kyle Poulin, Desire quickly soars with Cox’s standout vocals and heavy lyrics that dig for the listener’s emotions.

The video for the track matches the song’s dark undertones. Set at an abandoned drive-in, the clip, complete with an unanticipated downpour of rain, magnificently captures the visceral energy found in the song.

“The weather could’ve been better for sure,” Devon laughs, “but it also perfectly suited the emotion behind it.”

“Desire” is the follow-up single to the group’s 2020 EP Tidal Waves. The last few years have seen the group supporting the likes of Billy Talent, Buckcherry, Big Wreck, and the Trews, among others. 

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