10 Rap Albums to Look Forward to in 2024

Looking ahead at what’s shaping up to be a major year in hip-hop

With the new year comes a fresh calendar of new releases. After a somewhat quiet 2023, some of rap’s biggest names and hottest upcoming talent are poised to drop in 2024. Listeners who lamented last year’s paltry offering of blockbuster rap albums will be comforted to know that this year is already shaping up to be a major one. Artists like Playboi Carti, who appears to be shaking off the mysterious lore in favor of new music, as well as 21 Savage, who surprised fans this week with an album announcement and video featuring Donald Glover, are already prepping major releases, and a quick peek at the social feeds of some of the biggest names in the genre suggest similar plans on the horizon. From A$AP Rocky to Future, and Ice Spice, these are the rap albums we’re most excited to hear in 2024.

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