19 Latin Acts Set To Have a Breakout Year in 2024

From Q-pop visionaries to teen rap sensations, here’s a list of who we have our eye on this year

2023 was a star-making year for Latin artists across genres. One of the biggest stories was, of course, the global ascent of música mexicana, which opened the door for sensations like Peso Pluma, Grupo Frontera, Fuerza Régida, and Junior H. In Puerto Rico, powerhouses like Young Miko and Omar Courtz paired up with the biggest names in urbano and dominated the scene, while rappers like Dillom and Taichu made waves in Argentina. At the Latin Grammys, the Latin Recording Academy tipped its hat to pop-icons-in-the-making in the Best New Artist category, which included Gale and Joaquina, who won the award.

But the new year always brings the promise of breakthrough acts and rising stars. Already, there are tons of newcomers stirring things up and demanding attention: The 19-year-old singer Xavi might be one of the most talked-about forces of 2024 after his song “La Diabla” reached No. 1 on Spotify’s global chart in January. Meanwhile, artists like J Noa, RaiNao, and Junior Zamora are ready to ride the momentum they built last year straight into the coming months. And elsewhere, we’re excited to see what Q-pop innovator L E N I N, dancehall dreamer GodDessey, and Chilean plug upstart AKRIILA have in store. Here are the artists we’re most excited about in 2024.

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