The Best Latin Albums of 2023

Tainy, Diego Raposo, and Valgur turned out bold, outspoken experiments, and artists like Karol G, J Noa, and Grupo Frontera gave listeners honesty and intimacy

All year, so much of the conversation around Latin music revolved around commercial growth: Yes, it’s true that the revenue for these genres exceeded $1 billion for the first time in 2022, and Latin music has continued outpacing other parts of the industry. And while that kind of success speaks to the popularity of music in Spanish, the bigger triumph continues to be the constant sonic experimentation and evolution that pushes artists boldly into the future.

From Tainy’s mind-bending opus Data to Diego Raposo’s brash reinventions on YO NO ERA ASÍ PERO DE AHORA EN ADELANTE, SÍ, some of the most interesting sounds this year embraced innovation head-on. Música mexicana continued to reach global heights with artists like Peso Pluma, Junior H, and Carin Leon plotting new paths. And other acts, among them Francisca Valenzuela, Grupo Frontera, and Karol G found magic by embracing a sense of honesty and intimacy. There was a ton of excellent music in Spanish, but here are 50 albums that kept us coming back in 2023.

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