The 20 Best Kelly Clarkson Covers: Best ‘Kellyoke’ Songs

From Whitney Houston to the White Stripes

In a sea of daytime television, the down-to-earth energy and heartwarming chat fests of The Kelly Clarkson Show have turned Clarkson into a singular voice in the talk show space. So has one of her regular segments, — Kellyoke — which has become an all-around favorite for fans of the TV series and her pop career alike. While the American Idol winner is no stranger to toying with genre when it comes to incorporating rock, R&B and soul elements in her pop songwriting, Clarkson has used Kellyoke to continually surprise audiences— covering everything from Olivia Rodrigo’s devastating ballad “Traitor” to Third Eye Blind’s “anti-suicide rock anthem “Jumper.” 

With five seasons of The Kelly Clarkson Show under her belt, it’s tough to narrow down her best covers. Still, we gave it a whirl. Here are the 20 best Kellyoke classics so far.

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